Best of Jaco

I play in Jaco more than I work. Here are some of my favorite places to hang out and things to do.

Jaco Bar

Jaco Bar is one of Jaco's newest and hippest bars.  It is on the second floor across from the grocery store, Mas por Menos. There is a large electronic sign that makes it hard to miss. Jaco Bar attracts an even mix of locals and tourists. You will often find the owner, Nela, socializing with guests, and pushing tequila shots. Consider yourself warned :)

Beer House

Beerhouse, the name says it all. Every beer on tap is from right here in Costa Rica. The girls like Pina Blonde but the Public Service IPA is my favorite. Daniel, the owner can be found in the bar serving up cold ones every night except Tuesday, when they are closed. You can order Pizza from The Pizza Shop 'Always Baked' and have it delivered right to your table.

Green Room

The Green Room is The place for live music and great food. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner and offer great live music seven days a week. This place has the best stage in town and is by far the best music venue on the Pacific Coast. Raquel, the owner is a Jaco original.


Amancio's is the name of the restaurant, the owner, and the chef. And for this reason, you will likely be shocked by how good and authentic the Italian cuisine is here. There are so many great restaurants in Jaco that it's hard to call one my favorite. But if I had to only eat at one for the rest of my life I would be fat and happy here. I challenge any of you New Yorkers to tell me the name of any pizzeria in Manhattan with better pizza. Seriously.


Pesca is one of Jaco's newest restaurants. It is located in Jaco Walk. There are a lot of great seafood restaurants in Jaco but this one stands out because of the consistency, friendly staff, and cold AC. The prices are fair, the portions are big and the chef is one of the best in town. 


Graffiti is a Jaco staple. The new location is hipper and quiter than the old spot behind Remax. I remember the days when you would wait in line for hours and the band was crammed up near the ceiling. There is no longer live music at Graffiti but the food is just as good as it always was. You will find steak, seafood and great daily specials that often sell out.