• Rick Culleton

Bijagual Waterfall - 40 Fun Minutes From Jaco

Getting here is part of the fun. You will need a quad , buggy or a good 4x4. You can start by

navigating to Bijagual using Google Maps. In town there is a bar next door the the only store. Inside the bar (you might need to knock if it's early) you will need to find the gatekeeper. Tell the bartender you are looking for the guy with the key to the waterfall. He will guide you there on his motorcycle. It is about 15 minutes from the bar. When you get to the gate he will open it and charge you $10 per person. The waterfall is easy to find but in rainy season there is a

smaller river you will need to drive across to get there. Follow the signs to 'Pools' to go to the top of the falls. This is much easier. Follow the signs to 'Waterfall' to go to the bottom. You will have quite the hike to go to the bottom but the view is worth it.

If you go to the pools there are places on the rocks you can sit to eat and/or drink. It isn't too far to haul a cooler. Please remember to take all your trash with you. If you want to rent quads and hire a guide see Enrique at AXR in town. They will rent you what ever you want. They have the newest equipment and the best guides. My favorite mode of transportation to the waterfall is a Honda Talon.

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